Because only together we can

Helping those with special abilities not disabilities

Lifelong 1:1 bespoke support for those on the autistic spectrum & other neurodiverse conditions


Autistic, ASC, Aspergers and other neurodiverse individuals.  Helping those in need to find employment & access all types of socially inclusive activities

Using the person centered approach involves and helps individuals to overcome barriers such as socialising and mobility

We provide 1:1 bespoke lifelong support.  This includes realistic action plans regularly reviewed to ensure you meet your goals

Finding employment or meaningful engagement for those on the autistic spectrum and other neurodiverse conditions


Finding employment or meaningful engagement for those on the autistic spectrum and other neurodiverse conditions

Developing special abilities not fixed on disabilities


— We Build Networks

We HATE to re-invent the wheel or tread on other people’s toes!  There are many wonderful individuals and charities out there are we seek to bring them together to work synergistically.  Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM work!)


— We Strengthen

By building networks we enhance and strengthen the existing services.  Due to the current financial climate, traditional sources of public sector aid are becoming increasingly challenged.  We seek to redress this balance


— We Find & Fund

Any business has to have an income to survive and we are no different.  We receive grant funding from various sources such as the Lottery, local and national grant funders.  We also receive funding for provision of services


— We Educate

Working with partner charities such as MEEE we offer courses to educate, empower and allow enterprise to flourish

We educate employers as to the advantages of employing the next “Bill Gates”


— We Provide Care

We are planning the delivery of 5 star elderly day care.  Not just a “baby-sitting” service but a service where all feel empowered and valued.


— We Consult

We hold regular social events to find out what the community wants from us.  We do not presume to tell people what they need, they tell us!  We also engage extensively with the public sector to help deliver their strategy


Josef, 46 is severely autistic with a highly developed analytical brain

Unfortunately taken advantage of by profit hungry entrepreneurs, Josef ended up in a very dark place.  We have helped Josef by setting up his own company to produce world beating products

Robert, 26 autistic, unemployed, living alone

Robert was referred to us by the Department of Works & Pensions in Leicester.  He told us he wanted a career in care.  We spoke to the wonderful Leonard Cheshire homes, got him a placement as a volunteer and four weeks later he was offered a permanent paid position.

The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.

support us and change the course of Someone’s life today!