Month: August 2019

Pathological Demand Avoidance

Good piece as this one always confuses me. Many of the symptoms however may be construed as autism. But this just shows that frequently autism will coexist with other “conditions” and it is now being felt that maybe autism is an “umbrella diagnosis”.

Autism links

Sorry about this – this is an image I picked up on social media – some of these links may be very useful but you’re going to have to Google the items of interest as the links don’t work, but still worth posting IMHO!

Autism advocacy

Having been involved in a case that falls under this heading and where the autistic spent a considerable time imprisoned against all the best expert advice, this is something we need to be aware of, take account of and develop.


New one on me, especially with the American spelling! (Hey, but that’s just my OCD!) We are increasingly finding this, parents and carers need just as much support and guidance as the children!