AngelSense – GPS tracking

This may well be of use to some of you???

According to the National Autism Association, 49% of children with autism have a tendency to wander or bolt from safe settings with increased risks depending on the autism severity.

For those of you worried about Autism Safety, we have negotiated a special discount with AngelSense!

AngelSense is the only GPS & Voice-Monitoring solution designed to prevent wandering, bullying & mistreatment.

Click the link below to get the deal!

With AngelSense, you’ll get:

  1. All-day monitoring of all your child’s locations, routes & transit speed
  2. Immediate alerts if your child wanders from safety
  3. Listen-in capability to hear if all is well with your child
  4. Special ‘Runner Mode’ to track and locate a missing person
  5. Easy wearing with a sensory-friendly device
  6. Expert customer support by special needs parents

All the best, 

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