Local East Midlands employability news

A bit of East Midlands local news put out by the Chamber of Commerce in association with Loughborough University. We are already working with Loughborough College on an apprenticeship scheme, so it would make sense to try to involve the University in this project – watch this space!

Emotional abuse & toxic shame

There is a line in this article that hit home with me “Toxic shame”. This whole topic may seem “dark” but with upwards of 20% of kids experiencing depression, these are things we need to “get our heads around”, be aware and start debating! Lets have some feedback and comments please…

Self Harming in UK Teenage Girls

Shocking statistic – 20% of girls self harming – compare this to statistics from the South China Morning Post which claims just 0.03%!! Statistics in Canada claim 14% and the US about the same as us. Is any further proof needed that our society is broken and desperately in need of fixing???