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Bala, North Wales

— The MEEE program

In its 9th year of operation, fronted by ex-branding guru, Sid Madge, the innovative MEEE program has had over 600 people through its courses with a 45% employment rate and a 100% success rate on “soft outcomes”


— Access Generation

Access Generation CIC is a social enterprise that encourages businesses to employ inexperienced young people. We share young people’s views and expectations to help businesses become more visible and attractive to young people.


— Leicester University

We are applying for ERDF funding to pay for an academic to refine our offering, develop strategy & a business plan for all stakeholders.  We are also looking at 2 research projects involving autism in BME communities & how to identify that “nugget of genius” so important to HR recruiters, as well as Creative Mental Health with Nottingham University

Market Harborough, Leicestershire

— Rubitek Solutions

A locally based apprenticeship tracking company founded by Kerry Linley who was instrumental at the award winning TrAC Shared Apprenticeship scheme.

Market Harborough, Leicestershire

— Blue Grape Talent

Founded by Rhiannon Stafford, this local company helps “unleash the awesomeness of their people” and allow them to reach their full potential.  This achieved in conjunction withthe psychometric testing tool, Harrison Assessments


— Sensory Processing Centre

Ian Jordan is a sensory processing consultant with experience in visual and auditory processing. Internationally recognised as a lecturer he mixes research with development of advanced techniques, instrumentation and solutions for a wide variety of conditions, ranging from autism to reading / writing problems and medical conditions. He has won numerous awards and has authored 6 books as well as scientific papers, tv and national press. He helps with a wide range of presentations, with even the most complex of cases often being resolved. His particular interests include facial recognition and expression recognition, synesthesia and sensory timing and mapping modification. His clinic is in Newcastle and for those that cannot travel he is available worldwide. 


— Shanti Dham

Shantidham is our associated charity 

Loughborough, Leicestershire

— Loughborough College

A June 2017 Ofsted report rated Loughborough College as “Excellent” for their apprenticeship training.  In conjuction with Kerry Linley’s Rubitek Solutions we are looking to become involved as an apprenticeship hub.

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