Suicide and child mental health

I want to stay away from the politics of this and appreciate that the current staff levels mean incredible pressure for those trying their best to deliver a “broken service”. At the end of the day, in my opinion, we do not need shiny new schools, hospitals or centres, we need investment in the current system. Messages like this received last week show the heartbreaking stress many are under…

>>Feeling completely helpless. My 12 year old beautiful daughter took an overdose on Sunday night. Was in hospital until Monday evening and discharged with out being assess by CAMHS. It took until today to see someone and been told we have a minimum of a 6 month wait. It seems a 12 year old trying to end her life because she hates the way she is has a cut up arm where she self harms a lot is ok. I nearly lost my little girl this week. I hope and pray we get help soon. Feel I’m failing her but I’m fighting as hard as I can.<<

Should you find yourself in this traumatic situation, we have an emergency page on our website with telephone numbers you can try – my advice would be phone 999 first and ask for the crisis team. They “SHOULD” be contactable 24/7. This article from the NSPCC may also help.

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