Developing potential

across the globe, we are united in our dedication to an individual’s rights

WHAT WE DO... prevent this!


— We Discover

At an initial meeting we will sit down with a new client somewhere non-threatening and informal such as a quiet coffee shop and find out about them.


— We Build Networks

Fundamentally we hate re-inventing the wheel and treading on toes, so we build networks as there is very probably someone out there already doing what we want to do and with far more experience and expertise.


— We Strengthen

By forming partnerships with like minded organisations we strengthen the entire provision system.  Much of this provision is now falling to the voluntary sector such as ourselves due to government cutbacks.


— We Educate

We educate not only our clients but also future employers.  After all, what company would not want to employ the next Bill Gates??

We encourage companies to really examine their recruitment processes to achieve this aim.


— We Provide Care

We recognise that autism or any other neurodiverse condition is not “just for Christmas”.  This is a lifelong condition and so requires lifelong support and management. 

We are in this for the “long haul”.


— We Consult

We consult and encourage research wherever possible.  Particularly in BME communities, little work has been done and we are seeking with our university partners to turn this around.

How we do it...

People either self refer due to word of mouth

…are referred to us by agencies such as the Department for Works & Pensions

…or are referred by our partner organisations and charities

We then put them through the MEEE program which provides prospective employers with a breakdown of an individual’s talents, strengths and possible weaknesses allowing for better employment chances

We then pass this on to partner employment agencies and our network of educated employers.

These employers are coached and trained by Access Generation who provide the statistics and reasons for taking our clients

Further opportunities are provided by Blue Grape Talent using the Harrison Assessment tools, Rubitek Solutions who provide apprenticeship tracking capability and Loughborough College who are partnering with us as an apprenticeship training agency.

We also recognise this is a lifelong commitment we are making

support us and change the course of someone’s life today!