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Leicester Community Enterprise Services CIC Ltd:

Companies House registration Number: 7711589

Founded: 20th July 2011

Directors:  Bhupendra Dave

                      Jyotsna Popat

                      Vinod Popat 


Prakash Panchal – development & engagement consultant

Company Registered address:  15 Loughborough Road, Leicester LE4 5LJ

Tel: +44 7484 890500

+44 1455 271839



We facilitate employment & engagement

Leicester Community Enterprise Services Ltd is the trading arm of the UK registered charity Shanti Dham

Whilst Shanti Dham was originally set up as a charity to raise awareness of Indian religious and cultural activities, LCES is a multi-faith organisation seeking to enhance the lives of those in need.

Our definition of “need” is deliberately vague.  We originally set out helping autistic people.  However, autism is a spectrum condition and varies widely from so called “high-functioning” autistics such as Albert Einstein, Bill Gates to those who need 24/7 care.

We were continually asked if we could help individuals who did not have an “official” autism diagnosis but clearly needed help in one form or another.

Autism also frequently comes with other co-existing conditions and may also have other co-morbidities so it was impossible and in our view unethical to simply limit ourselves to one arbitrary condition.


— Our Mission

To help those in need to achieve their greatest potential.

— Our Vision

To cooperate and collaborate with all organisations worldwide of similar values and missions to raise awareness and allow those with special abilities to realise their full potential, so enhancing not only their lives but of those around them.

— Our Story

We recognise that frequently those “in need” are simply in need because they haven’t been allowed to see the directions open to them.  We investigate the possibilities and so allow these people to flourish.

24th July 2019 – launch of LCES by Mr John Adler, CEO, Leicester Universities Hospital Trust at Shantidham Shiv Katha 2019

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