Developing potential


This inspirational video from the founder, Sid Madge, of one of our partner charities the MEEE (My Education, Employment, Enterprise) program.

This explains our viewpoint  completely and independently developed but totally in alignment with what Sid has produced.

We hate re-inventing the wheel and if there is already a damned good wheel out there then we will use it and Sid has kindly agreed to roll his program out in our area.  This will make those in need employment ready in whatever form that individual envisages it.

The bottom line is…
  • Current services do not always meet the needs of these families
  • 41% of autistic children have been bullied
  • 24% have been excluded from school
  • 1.2 million people with autism
  • 75% autistic unemployment = 849,000 unemployed
  • Each autistic person costs £27,000 on average per year
  • Impact on the economy = £23 billion per year
  • Each employed would on average contribute £13,000 per year
  • Total loss = £33 billion PA
Can we, as a nation, afford this – I would say “No”
Supporting both clients & prospective employers
  • Show employers many autistic people have special talents
  • High functioning autistics classed as “genius” – Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton
  • Identify & develop those hidden talents so fulfilling potential
  • With correct support make excellent employees
  • Support can be as simple as “a list of questions BEFORE an interview”
  • Employment increases a sense of self-worth and being appreciated
  • Promotes inclusion, not exclusion
  • Helps build resilience
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